Growing Happy Hearts is about loving raising children, and enjoying every moment! We love to make our own holiday decorations and crafts, love to have fun foods, explore the outdoors and much more!

Hello!  Thank you for visiting my page!  I am the mother of five boys and want to share some of the fun things we do, and how to do them!   I used to be a working mom, and it took me a while to figure out how to love and enjoy being a stay at home mom.  Because I have been blessed with this gift of staying home, I have the time to try many fun things with my kids.  I know not all moms stay at home, but I would love to give you fun ideas to do with and for kids no matter if you are a stay at home, working, or new parent.  I am trying to grow happy hearts in my children, and want to share my experiences, and ideas with other moms.  I thank God every day for each of my sons,  and hope to bring a little joy to other moms out there with their own children.


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