DIY Nativity Scene

dsc_0620This Nativity scene was so much fun to make!  My husband and kids all helped make this scene, we are all so proud of it!  While it was very easy, it takes a lot of time, and needs large amount of materials.  The time we spent crafting this project as a family was well worth it!  We had to get really creative, because I used little terracotta pots, and wanted to keep that theme going for each character.  dsc_0625I will try to break this directions up for each piece to the puzzle.  dsc_0630

Materials Needed:

Wood Stain & Rag

Jumbo craft sticks

Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Nine 2″ Terracotta pots

Felt: White, Blue, Gray, Brown, Blue, Blue

Optional: Burlap (I used felt for some cloaks, but also liked the look of Burlap cloaks)

Paint: White, Black, Yellow, Peach, Brown, Red, Green

Paint Brushes

Wooden ball knob (3/4″ for Baby Jesus’ head, and 1 1/4″ for all other characters)

Wooden stars

Gold Glitter

School glue

Wire/Wire cutters

Small 1″ Square pieces of wood (My husband made these for me so we also needed sand paper.)

Moss or dried grass (to fill the manger)

Hemp string

Red Ribbon

Cotton Balls

White feathers

Brown Pipe Cleaner

Wooden Dowels/Wooden BBQ Skewers

Permanent marker (To draw on faces)





For the Stable:  Stain 40 Jumbo craft sticks.  dsc_0458To do this, simply dip a small piece of the rag in the stain, and rub on the sticks.  Lay out to dry.  Stain the star also.  For the roof you will need 13 stained craft sticks.  Line up nine of the craft sticks.  dsc_0459Leva a small crack in the middle to insert wire that holds the star later.  Take a stained jumbo stick, and hot glue across the back completely.  Line up to hold the nine sticks in place.  Do this again to the bottom.  Hot glue the back of two more to make an “X” across the middle.  dsc_0460For the sides you will need seven craft sticks for each side.  Line up five stained craft sticks.  Hot glue the back of one, and lay diagonally across the wall.  Do this again to the back.  Repeat this process again for the other side.  For the floor, repeat the design for the roof, but since it will be flipped over just hot glue three sticks across the bottom.  I found this stable does not really need a floor, but if you are having fun crafting this, why not?dsc_0469Hot glue the sides to the back wall.

Hot glue the roof on after securing the star.

For the star:

dsc_0479Optional: Paint star yellow.  Use regular school glue to make designs, then sprinkle gold glitter.  Let dry.

Twist wire around a wooden skewer.  Cut with wire cutters to desired length.  Leave a little straight wire at the top and bottom so the wire is easy to glue.  dsc_0474Stick the bottom of the twisted wire through the middle of the top of the roof. dsc_0475 Hot glue in place.  Hot glue the back of the start, and press onto the top of the wire.dsc_0480dsc_0636

The stable is complete!

For Baby Jesus in the mager:dsc_0483

Paint a terracotta pot brown.  Fill with grass, or peat moss, hay, or grass.  dsc_0493Paint the 3/4″ wooden ball knob with skin colored paint.  Cut small piece of wooden skewer and hot glue the bottom.  Stick the skewer into the whole in the bottom of the wooden knob.  dsc_0490Wrap in white felt, or white fabric, and hot glue to hold fabric in place.

With permanent mark draw a face.  Tuck into the “manger”.

For Mary, Joseph, and the three wise men

Paint the pots any you like.  The kids had fun making these choices.dsc_0494Paint the larger wooden knobs skin colors.  Glue the head to the bottom of the pot.  dsc_0495Paint on hair.  img_9754Wrap felt, or burlap around the head and body.  dsc_0496Hot glue right at the neck area, and secure material to glue.  Trim the overlaying fabric to taste.  Tie a small piece of hemp string around necks. dsc_0515

For Mary and Joseph:

I tied the string in the back for Joseph, and a bow in the front for Mary.  I added eyelashes to give Mary a more feminine look.dsc_0635  For the three wise men:dsc_0642

Twist some brown pipe cleaner together to make staffs.

For the Angel: dsc_0633Follow above steps, but paint her body white, and use white felt or cloth for her cloak.  img_9747Add a circle of glue to the top of her head, and sprinkle with gold glitter to create a halo.img_9752  Tie red ribbon around her neck and create a bow, with long pieces left drifting.  img_9753Twist them and hot glue them in several spots to her cloak.  Choose three white feathers for each side, and hot glue to her back.  Trim feathers if needed.

For the Lamb:  dsc_0639Cut two pieces of skewer for the legs, and hot glue to the bottom of the pot.

Paint it white. There is a lot of painting, so use the kids to help!

Tear cotton balls into four pieces and roll up in to small balls.  dsc_0503Paint the head.dsc_0510  Glue the head to the top of the pot.  Glue the small cotton balls all over the pot, and stuff the back with regular size cotton balls to fill in the gap.

Cut out small ears and a tail from black felt and glue in place.

For the Donkey:  dsc_0640Cut small pieces of wooden skewer, and hot glue to the bottom of the pot.  img_9756Paint it gray.  Place the pot open side down on gray felt.  Outline the circles with a marker, measuring the size circle needed to cover the opening.  Cut the circles out.  img_9755My husband made me small pieces of wood that we sanded to smooth to make the head more naturally shaped.  img_9780Paint the pot grey.  img_9760Hot glue around the bottom of the pot and secure gray felt.  Trim if needed.  img_9764Paint the head gray, with a black nose on the end.  img_9762Secure to top of pot with hot glue.  Cut out ears and a tail from gray and black fabric.  Wrap some hemp string around the neck to make him appear ready for riding into Bethlehem.

The completed scene is so special!  This project took my family a couple of days, but we had so much fun together.  I hope you do too!  My inspiration came from  dsc_0620


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