How to Grow Magic Candy Canes!

dsc_0406growcandycane-1This is one of my boy’s FAVORITE Christmas traditions!  They loved painting the craft the first year, and every year after when we pull out the magic Christmas growing pots, they get super excited!  The basic idea is this; We paint Christmas designs on a 4″ terracotta pot.  Then, the kids scoop some “magic snow” to fill their pots to replace dirt.  (I use artificial snow, the kind normally used for decorating around porcelain Christmas villages.)  The kid’s magic candy cane “seeds” are peppermints that they “plant” in the “magic snow.”  We set the pots in a window for light.  Then at night when they are sleeping, I break small pieces off candy canes and place in the pot so they look like they are growing.  They are so excited to wake up and check their pot for new growth.  I do this every couple of days.  In the end they usually have two periods of growing a full candy cane.  This also works as another great way to teach patience!

Materials needed are as follows;dsc_0403

4″ Terracotta pot – one per child

Christmas colored acrylic paints – Red, Green, White, Black, Brown, Yellow

Paint Brushes

Artificial snow for Christmas Village

1 bag Peppermints

1 box Candy canes

Directions are as follows;

Pick a color, and paint the whole pot.  Let dry.

Add a Christmas tree, stripes, Santa, any Christmas theme that sounds fun.  growcandycane9We did one pot when one of my boys were a baby.  We did fingerprint Santa and reindeer, so he was able to participate in personalizing his pot.

Put artificial snow in a bowl.  Let the kids fill their pots.  Give them each a peppermint to plant in the snow.

Over the next couple of days put small pieces that get larger in the snow after the kids go to bed.

I save my pieces so I can re-use them during the Christmas candy cane growing season.  Leave the wrapper around the bottom of the full candy cane to keep the fake snow from sticking to the submerged part of the candy cane.  On the last day of each cycle let the kids pick their candy canes and eat them!  They can plant another peppermint “seed” and enjoy the process again.  I try to make the last candy cane emerge fully grown on Christmas morning!!  Merry Christmas!!


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