Part two: How to make your own Christmas Wreath & door handle decoration

Part two of my wreath and door knob Christmas decorations!  I used the same basic floral materials for the wreath and the door so the would match nicely.  I made two door knob hangers, one for the front door and one for the back door.  I could not decide which color I liked best for the ring, so I made one red, and one brown.  They both came out wonderful, so I still don’t know which I like better!  These were really fun to make, and I love that they match my wreath.dsc_0360

Materials needed are as follows;dsc_0341

1 mason jar ring

3 Bells

Burlap ribbon


1 Artificial pine spray

1 Artificial red bell & glitter pick

1 small Pointsettia

Hot glue & glue gun


Directions are as follows;

Wrap the burlap ribbon around the mason jar ring, until completely covered.  dsc_0366Glue the ribbon to secure.  dsc_0339Thread the bells with the rope-ribbon.  Measure them to make them stagger in length.dsc_0342  Wrap around the bottom of the mason jar ring, and hot glue to secure.

Cut a length of rope-ribbon.  dsc_0345Wrap around the bottom of the ring to hold the bell ropes in place.

Hot glue the back, and quickly tie a knot with the rope.  dsc_0351Trim the excess rope.  dsc_0352Apply a small amount of hot glue to the bottom of the pine spray.  Tuck the pine spray behind the wrapped rope-ribbon.  dsc_0353Trim the greens to desired length.  Cut staggering lengths off the red bell pick, and tuck under rope-ribbon. dsc_0359 Hot glue the stem of the pointsettia, and tuck into the rope-ribbon.  dsc_0360Hang on the door knob to add some Christmas welcome to your home!dsc_0390For directions on how to make a matching wreath, see part one of making your own Christmas wreath and door knob decorations.dsc_0389



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