Part One: How to make your own Christmas Wreath & door handle decoration

dsc_0397I had so much fun making a fall wreath, I started collecting supplies for my Christmas wreath!  I never understood how cool a homemade wreath is for your front door until I created my fall leaf wreath.  I really enjoyed picking things out for this wreath and putting it together.  I decided I wanted to make a matching door hanger for the door knob, and ended up making two door knob decorations.  I HAD to have matching ones for the front and back door.  Plus I needed to check out two different colored ribbons because I couldn’t decide which one I liked better when I was buying my materials.   I just LOVE the overall look!  I will post the wreath and door hanger separately in case someone just wants ideas for one or the other!  So for the wreath first!!!

Materials are as follows;

I thought I would want to use the snowflakes – but they did not work in my wreath, so I opted to leave them out in the overall product.

Grapevine wreath

6 Artificial Pine needle sprays

4 Artificial Red picks – I chose glitter & bells

Artificial Red Pointsettias – Five small, Two medium

1 Mini battery operated Christmas lights

1 Artificial Owl pick – White


Wire cutters

Directions are as follows:

Tuck artificial pine needle sprays around the wreath.  dsc_0279Arrange red picks around the wreath.  dsc_0280Wrap Christmas lights around the wreath and secure the battery pack to the inside of the bottom of the wreath. dsc_0281 Add in artificial pointsettia blooms. dsc_0282 Install the owl pick.  Hang on the door!dsc_0389For directions on how to make the matching Christmas door knob hanger see Part two: How to make your own Christmas Wreath & door handle decoration.  dsc_0390Merry Christmas!


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