Mini Christmas Wreath

dsc_0309My husband has great memories of this wonderful craft!  His mom made these wreathes when he was a child, so we tried to make them from his memory.  The original idea was made with cute porcelain figures.  We shopped around for a while and could not find the porcelain figures, so we settled on thin Christmas ornaments.  I really enjoyed working this idea out with my husband and kids!  We hung them in the windows, but according to my husband they hung them around the house as well.  I also hung candy canes from fishing line in the windows.dsc_0410

Materials are as follows;dsc_0283

Mini Grape vine wreathes

Thin or flat Christmas ornaments (These need to fit in the center of the mini wreathes)

Red ribbon

Misc. Mini Christmas decorations (snow flakes, candy canes, reindeer, Christmas collections)

Hot glue gun/glue

Fishing line

Upholstery tacks

Darning needle (optional – to save time)

First unscrew the hangers/screws/ribbons from the Christmas ornaments.  dsc_0284Wrap the ribbon around the wreath.

Glue the ornaments/figures securely in the middle of the mini wreath.  dsc_0292Arrange the figures around the wreath, then hot glue them securely around the wreath.

Use a darning needle to thread the fishing line through the wreath.  Knot the fishing line.  Hammer one upholstery tack into the drywall above the window.  Hang the wreath!dsc_0338  This is a very fun way to get in the holiday spirit and make memories with family!!


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