How to make a fall leaf wreath with Burlap


I decided I wanted to make a fall leaf wreath this year.  This is my first time making a wreath, and I loved it!  I went shopping for some fall leaves, and found the whole store overtaken by Christmas decorations.  When I went to put my cart away, I passed a stand full of bags and boxes, with a sign that said “Grab Bag, 3$”.  I was digging through the bags, and noticed some leaves hanging out of one of them.  The manager walked by me and said if I bought two bags, I could have two for free.  I ended up with four boxes of random items, and four bags of floral supplies.  When I got home I found that my leaves were “Natural accents” which turned out to be tons of spray painted oak leaf branches.  I had an abundance of fall leaves and silk flowers to create something beautiful with!  This was very exciting for someone who loves doing crafts and decorating!  I had a lot of fun digging through my spoils deciding on what to use to make my fall leaf decorations.  I would highly recommend chancing a couple “Grab Bag” picks if ever you come across them at Michaels.  They were really fun to go through at home.  I now have a large collection of fun festive decorations for next year!  A couple of tips for crafting, start shopping for fall decorations right after Halloween.  I found burlap ribbon on sale for 1.50.  I clipped coupons, and bought my grape vine wreath with a coupon for 50% off an original priced item coupon.  I did pay full price for the wire, but that could have been avoided had I stopped at a different craft store and bought it with another 50% off coupon.  I like to keep my prices down by using coupons and shopping almost daily.  This makes it possible to do as many crafts as possible each season.  I generally try to keep craft shopping on a budget, on a schedule.  For instance, most days I stop at Michaels on my way home from the gym.  It keeps me checking prices and able to use the same coupon on my phone almost daily, and I catch some great deals!

Supplies needed are as follows:dsc_0277

Grape vine wreath

Thin wire/Wire cutters

Fall Leaves

Burlap ribbon

Silk flowers


First attach leaves around the wreath.  I had two colors I liked, so I changed them back and forth between the two.  dsc_0267Fold the burlap ribbon in half, and gently wrap around the wreath weaving it in and out. dsc_0264Secure ribbon with wire.  dsc_0265In addition, if some areas need it, secure loose ends with some wire.  dsc_0275Add more leaves, tucking them over the ribbon in a few spots.  dsc_0263To create a bow, loop the burlap ribbon in a circle.  Cinch the middle of the bow, and twist wire around it, leave on long piece.

Attach the bow to the wreath, using the same wire that was used to cinch the bow.  Cut the long piece in half to create the look of a tied bow.  Cut one last small piece of burlap, and tuck it over the wire that is showing.

Tuck silk flowers around the bow.  Add a couple more silk flowers around the wreath in the burlap wrap.fall-leaf-wreath


Because I had so many beautiful fall leaves, that are real and will not last, I decided to arrange them in two baskets I received with my grab bag spoils, along with most of my beautiful fall colored silk flowers.  I arranged them and set on either side of my door.  If you live in a windy area, add a large rock or brick to the bottom of the basket to keep them from blowing over.fall-leaf-baskets

























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