Pumpkin Turkeys!

dsc_0222These pumpkin turkeys are so much fun to make and a great centerpiece for the Thanksgiving feast table!  Also, many of the supplies I used are very easy to find sales on the week before thanksgiving, as Christmas decorations are taking over and the stores are practically giving away the supplies needed!

Supplies needed are as follows;dsc_0145

Gourd Pumpkins

Silk leaves – fall colored

Foam sheets or cardstock – brown or orange for the body

Small piece of yellow card stock – for the beak

Red balloon

Googly eyes

Glue Gun & glue stick


First cut out the body on the foam sheet or card stock.  I could not find any brown foam sheets. I used both foam and cardstock paper, so the kids could pick the color they liked best.  Cut the red balloon up into small pieces for the gobbler.  Fold a small piece of yellow cardstock out and cut small triangles off of it for the beaks.  dsc_0218Have the kids pick the colored body they like for their turkey.  Have the child use the glue stick to attach the gobbler first, with the beak second, overlapping it.  dsc_0209Have the child glue on the googly eyes.  dsc_0147An adult needs to use the glue gun for the rest.  Use the glue gun to attach the body to the front of the pumpkin.  Hot glue three leaves to the back of the pumpkin.  dsc_0223Now you have a very fun festive Turkey table top decoration!  I got my original inspirations from growingupbilingual.comdsc_0203dsc_0184


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