Fun fall nature owls!

A fun way to get kids excited on a nature walk, is to have them collect items for a craft. img_9416 It is interesting how giving them things to search for causes them to notice so many awesome things, like cool mushrooms, and crazy looking pinecones!  For this craft, we found most of the items needed.  img_9376Tip – look for fallen trees.  We found nice big pieces of bark right under fallen trees.  Supplies are as follows:img_9400

Tree bark

Acorn tops (two per owl)

Pine cones

Pumpkin seeds

Pine needles


String or thread

Pipe cleaner

Hot glue gun & glue


Glue two pine needle clusters to the back of the piece of bark.  img_9402Flip over and trim needles to desired length of the wings.  img_9405Glue two acorn tops for eyes.  img_9413We used a tiny pinecone for one of the owl beaks, but decided the pumpkin seeds were a better contrast to the bark.  It is fun to play around with the materials found and create unique designs.  Glue two pumpkin seeds for the ears.  Pick two pine cone pieces off of a pine cone, and glue to the bottom of the bark for feet.  img_9428Cut a length of thread to hang the owl from a stick.  Twist a tiny bit of pipe cleaner around thread, and hot glue the pipe cleaner to the back of the owl.  The pipe cleaner gives the glue something to hold on to. img_9426 Hang the stick outside or in windows, and you have a beautiful nature owl!

I got my inspiration from an article called Bark Owls, by Fireflies and Mud Pies.




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