How to make shell tea candles

Anyone looking for ideas for how to use all the beautiful shells they find on the beach, this is for you.  candles-4

Supplies needed:

Tea candles

Large whole shells

Wax melting pot/wax warmer

Hot glue gun

Crayon – color of your choice

Candle scent/scented waxcandles


Inspect shells for holes or cracks.  Disassemble the tea candles.  Flatten out the piece of foil that was holding the wax, to mold against the area of the shell where you will set the wick.

Use a tiny bit of glue just to hold foil and wick in place.  Put your wax, or tea candles in melting pot with the peeled crayon, and scented wax.  tea-shellBoil water, and hold melting pot in water everything is completely melted.

You can choose to use the tea candle wax only, or melt extra wax if the shell seems like it will need more.  Pour the wax into prepared shells, and let cool.

Light the candles and enjoy!candles-2


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