Growing magic candy pumpkins!

We love to grow magic holiday candy!  For magic pumpkins, the kids decorate a small terracotta pot, and make magic dirt.  Then they will plant their seeds (a candy corn) in the magic dirt, and the next morning, they wake up to a magic pumpkin!candy-corn

Supplies needed for the Terracotta pot are as follows:

Terra cotta pots

Yellow, orange, green, purple, white and black paint

Paint brushes/foam brushes

Maybe a little glitter….

Part favor bag of creepy crawlies

Hot glue gun and glue



Paint Halloween designs!  I let the kids do their own decorations.img_9150  For the younger kids, I have them put finger prints on their pot, then make them into bats, spiders, and pumpkins.  img_9171 Once the paint dries, hot glue a creepy crawly onto the pot.

Supplies needed for “Magic Dirt” are as follows:

Black trashbag


Halloween sequins

Halloween pompoms


Bowls to make dirt in



Have the kids stretch out and crinkle up a piece of the trash bag.  Cut little pieces into the bowl.

Mix in the glitter, sequins, pompoms, and gems.  img_9162
And you have some very festive magic dirt!  Have the kids plant their candy corn, and set under a window for sun.

Then, while they are sleeping, pick out the candy corn, and replace with a pumpkin.

Our magic pumpkins grew overnight!





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