Ten Reasons why you should wear your baby

This post is for all new moms, no matter how many babies you may have had!  I have had five babies, and my fifth baby was the first one I experienced baby wearing, but boy have I become a pro!  The other day I was at the doctors office wearing my son, and a nurse came up and asked me if I could show her how it worked.  I had two kids that day who needed to be seen, so she asked if she could come see me when we were in our room.  Yay!  Another person to share my baby wearing love with!  At the end of my appointment, our very nice doctor asked if I could show her as well, and I ended up with 3 nurses and a doctor standing around me as I explained it, and showed them how to work the wrap.  It was pretty fun.  With all four of my previous babies, I tried all kinds of different carriers.  They were very uncomfortable with  all the clips and holes and snaps and pockets it was hard to even get the baby in the carrier!  I also always felt like every time I moved or bent over the baby was not secure.  When I was pregnant, I noticed women out and about everywhere wearing their babies in wraps.  I decided to give the wrap a try.  Who doesn’t need their hands free every chance they get?  My wrap was and still is at 18 months, the most important piece of baby gear I have ever had!  My only regret is that I did not start baby wearing with my first baby!

Mei Tei apple picking!


  1. The baby is so close to you!  He snuggles up against you, can hear your heartbeat, and smell momma. It was very obvious my son loved being in the wrap right away.wear-14
  2. He little head is in the perfect spot to be kissed anytime you feel like it.  Also, when she gets a little older her feet will be close to your hands so you can play with those cute little toes while kissing her sweet little head!  I know this is not exactly a necessity, but boy is it a bonus that I never even thought of before I became a baby wrap pro!
  3. The wrap is so much easier than a stroller.  Its easier to get out of the car, to put the baby in, to walk around with….  Its just so much easier than a stroller!

    Strawberry picking, no stroller needed!
  4. The baby can take naps while out and about and feels at home.  Because I started baby wearing immediately when my son was born, he is so comfortable in the wrap he will completely fall asleep when I am wearing him.wear-8
  5. If you begin at a very early age, baby is trained and comfortable in the wrap.  When my son was at the walking milestone, he could sit through an hour or two of baseball practice or swim team events in the wrap.  People asked me constantly how I got him to stay happy in it for such long periods of time.  My answer?  He is used to it!  Its a comfort place for him that he loves!  And momma could get a couple good cheers in rather than chase him 100% of the time!  Win-win!wear-9
  6. You can help out at your older kids sporting events!  Parents are always needed at practice, or for volunteer jobs.  If possible when signing up to volunteer for timed slots, I would choose to schedule mine at naptime, and baby would even get a nice long nap at swim meets.

    Volunteering at swim meet – best jobs include walking, it helps baby take a nap!
  7. Baby wearing creates our own personal little world at times.  I can point out clouds and animals.  He points out birds and dogs.  If I have a helper to help me get him on my back, he taps my shoulder to then points to things he wants me to see.
  8. Its is so much easier than carrying a baby!  The support that comes from the wrap is irreplaceable!  Also, Daddy, Grandma, and older siblings can wear your baby too!
  9. You can extend your use of your winter maternity clothes.  If you have nice maternity hoodies or jackets that still look new because you only needed them for one season, fear not!  Put your baby in the wrap (facing you), put that hoodie on, and zip up so only her head is out.  All baby needs is a hat!
  10. I have never been able to breastfeed a baby past nine months, and I have nursed all five babies.  My wrap baby, I had to actually start weaning at the beginning of 18 months.  My personal experience leads me to believe the wrap played a big part in continuing our nursing bond as well.
  11. Bonus!!!  I just gave you the best idea for a baby shower gift!  Some moms just don’t know how much they may want or need a wrap.  It is my favorite thing to give a new momma.

I get no money to write a post about any of the manufactures I am about to mention.  I really just want to let other mothers know about wraps.  I have said so many times since I started using my wrap, I wish more than anything I would have had one with all my other babies!  Also, youtube is full of great informational videos about how to put the wrap on, and the baby in it.  Please note, some positions are for babies of a certain age.  Please be sure to check the manufactures directions on appropriate positions for the age of your baby.

When purchasing a wrap, I would recommend black unless you are going to have several wraps.  So many times it has to be put down at the baseball field, stuffed under a stroller or in the car.  If you are trying to eat lunch and the baby wants a bite and knocks your burrito sauce all over it, or spills his sippy cup on it, darker fabric will hide most stains.  I had a Moby wrap, which I lost, and replaced with a Boba wrap because I thought I would check out the difference.  I really found nothing different about either of them.  I also used a Beachfront baby wrap for hot days and to wear in the pool.  It was nice, but not as easy to wear for really long periods of time.  I also love my Mei tai carrier for wearing baby on my back.  For this one you need a helper to put baby on safely.  Also, I have a shatterproof mirror that had been attached to a baby toy.  I kept it in my back pocket, or slid it inside the outer layer of the wrap to hold in place when the baby was younger.  I could use it to see the baby’s face when he fell asleep or quick checks over my shoulder if he was on my back.

I hope this post encourages a new mom to try the wrap.  Happy baby wearing!





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