Haunted Ships

Kids love making these ships, because they really float.  Not only are they a fun project, but they are fun to play with!  The kids like to take their boats to the creek and sail them.   Ask friends and family to save corks for you over the year so you have them whenever a boat making day pops up!

The supplies needed are as follows:

At least 7 corks per boat

Creepy fabric (Found in the Halloween isle)

Cooking skewers, or wooden dowels

White, black, Purple, Green, or Orange paint

Rubber bands

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Paint brushes, and foam brushes

Party favor bag of spiders, skeletons, whatever floats your boat

Halloween stampsship-16


The first step is to hot glue together three corks.  Wrap a rubber band around them.  ship-14Glue on two more on the ends.  Add rubber bands.  ship-13Cut out triangles from the creepy fabric.  I used both grey and black for a fun contrast, but this helped if a kid made a mistake, they could flip it over and try again.  ship-12Cover work space in news paper, and set out paint, paint brushes, foam brushes, and stamps.  Have the kids paint their sails with creepy images.  I also let them paint the corks, and the skewer. The kids wanted to add their own details to the skeletons as well.  I like to encourage them to get creative and make things their own.


Lay everything out to dry.  ship-6Poke the skewer end through the top of the sail, then just above the bottom of the sail.  Hot glue around the holes and adjust the sail to make sure it holds in place.  Hot glue a dot of glue as close to the center and in-between the corks as possible.  ship-8Add any little skeleton or other creepy party decoration detail to the boat.  Some kids just used the head, or arms to decorate their boat.  Your boat is ready to sail!


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