“Mommy win” Halloween spiders

Today I tried making these adorable little Halloween spiders that I have seen all over the internet.  There is a cute little video that quickly takes you through the steps, and you end up with the cutest little chocolate covered spider you will ever see.  Actually, I tried yesterday, but I set my cake outside to cool, and some sort of animal ate a good part of it while we were at the store.  I had to throw it away because I was not sure if there was some bird mite, or other disturbing germ left by whatever creature left chew marks all over my cake.  So I tried again today.  Today my spider cake-pops turned out looking like something that may end up on some sort of “Pinterest fails” list.  Actually I would not be surprised if they do, since I am posting pictures of them on my blog.  Well, when I was admitting my disappointment, my kids were excitedly cheering me on.  As I got some chocolate on my edible eyes, and tried to fix it, and my spider flipped into the bowl of chocolate, my kids were telling me, “Its ok mom, he still looks yummy!”  At the end of it all, I was quite disappointed because they DO NOT look like the ones in the super cute video I saw the other day.  However my kids LOVED them.  They ooooohed and aweeeed over them and told me how super cute they were.  I realized, they are my kids, and they are who I was trying to impress, so, maybe they are a “Pinterest fail,” but definitely a “Mom win” moment.  Plus, all the kids agreed they were the best spiders they had ever tasted!  So for any moms just trying to add some holiday cheer to the school week, this is a fun idea!spider-3


Cake mix – baked and cooled


Pretzel Sticks

Candy Eyes

Chocolate chips

I made my spiders by following my basic cake-pop directions.  To make cake-pops, you can bake any cake you choose.  The cake must be completely cooled to start adding the frosting!  Add a little bit of frosting at a time.  I mix until it looks like it is clumping together a little on its own.  You want it to stay in a ball shape, so you do not want it too full of frosting.  I have found one cake mix works well with about two thirds of a container of frosting.  Then form one small ball, and one ball a little bit larger than the first.  I held them together with a pretzel stick.  spider-onePlay around with the size of your pretzel legs.  For mine, I needed to break off a little bit of the end of the pretzel sticks.  spider-2Place in the freezer, and let freeze for a couple hours.  When you are ready, melt the chocolate, and have eyes ready.  Cover spider in chocolate, add eyes, and enjoy!  The video I got the idea from is by Taste of Home, called Edible Arachnids.  Very cute video, and they have a nice recipe for the frosting, or glue!spider4


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