How to make bat pumpkins

I love getting the kids into the spirit of the Holiday making decorations!  This decoration is fun for all ages.  The pumpkins can take a while to dry, so for this craft, we planned for our friends to come over and paint the pumpkins, then we went for a walk nature walk together and gave the pumpkins ample time to dry.  batpumkin-2The supplies you need are as follows:

Black paint – I used Apple Barrel Out Door Gloss Acrylic Paint (And news paper to protect our work space!)

Glue Gun & Glue sticks (I used three mini glue sticks for 10 bat pumpkins)


Googly Eyes

Black Cardstock Paper – I go to Michaels and pick my paper from the scrapbook section.  I chose some that had a glittery tent to it, this paper is for the wings.

White scrap paper for practice wing, and teeth

Poly Foam Paint brush

Gourd pumpkins – Walmart sell bags of 5 for 2.99

First, I looked up bat wings online, and practiced drawing one on a piece of scrap paper, until I had one I liked.  I cut it out, and used it to trace all my wings.  I went down one side of the paper and then flipped it over to have the exact same wing on the other side.  This created and right and left wing for the bat.  If you have fancy paper, flip it over so you do not have your pencil lines showing after the wings have been cut out.  batpumpkin-5I folded small scraps in half, and cut out triangles for the ears.  I used a white piece of paper to do the same thing for the teeth.  I left them in their folded shape until I was ready to glue them on the pumpkin so I would have exact matching ears and teeth.batpumpkin-4

Next, cover the table in news paper.  We had ten kids take turns in groups painting their pumpkins black. If you have this many kids painting pumpkins black, its also a really good idea to have a friend their helping you!

Then, have a plan for the kids to be entertained while the pumpkins dry.batpumpkin-10

The rest of the pumpkin project was with a glue gun, so parents will need to finish it.  We bent the ends of the wings and ears, so their was a place to have the glue hold the wing to the pumpkin.  batpumpkin-3A couple of the wings took the paint off and fell off, but if that happens re-apply the glue to the wing and it should stay the second time.  Glue on the eyes and teeth, and you have your bat pumpkins!batpumkin-13





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