How to make Sand Candles with kids

We love making crafts that use the interesting things we find.  At the beach, we find so many beautiful shells, we love to find ways to use them.  Today we made sand candles!  We started by filling buckets with sand, then digging a small whole in the middle.  This is the form for the candle.  sandcandle-1We pick the shells we like, and gently press into the sides of the hole.  You want to make sure the side of the shell that you want featured in the candle is pressed into the sand.  When the wax is poured in, you will no longer be able to see the side of the shell that is visible to you in the hole at the start of the craft. When the shells are all arranged the way you like it, set the wick in the center. Have all your buckets of sand ready for the wax before you start melting it.  Wax hardens quickly, so there is not a lot of down time to adjust your craft. sandcandle-3Step two, melt the wax.  We pealed the wrapper off two blue crayons, because we wanted our candles to be blue.  You can buy candle scents from candle stores, or buy the scented wax popularly used in wax warmers.  These are easy to find at Walmart and many other local stores.  We used two pounds of wax.  Wax can be bought off amazon, or candle making stores also.  We use candle making pouring pots to melt our wax in, but I have read you can clean an old tin can, and use that as well.  candlesPut the wax in the pouring pot, and set the pot in boiling water.  Support the pot to keep from tipping over in the water, and wait until all the wax is melted.  sandcandle-2Then gently pour in the sand forms you created in the buckets.  sandcandle-4I had the kids support their wick when the wax was slightly hardening so it would be centered.  Once they looked good, we left them alone for several hours until the wax hardened.  The kids had a lot of fun digging their candles out and looking at the shells!  sandcandle-5I needed to press and cut some of the bottoms, so they could stand on their own.   Clip the wicks to desired length.  Sand candles are a beautiful reminder of a beach trip!

Supplies needed:






Crayon of your color choice if you want a colored candle

Candle scent, or scented wax

Pot to boil water

Wax melting pot



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