Slow cooker Apple Butter with Kids

We Love apple picking!  But what to do with all those apples when you get home?  Make some apple butter!  We love to support our local orchard.  We go every year creating memories for a lifetime.  If you do not live close to a local orchard, pick up a couple bags of apples.  blog-apple-pickingWhen I went to make my apple butter, several of my kids wanted to help.  This was a really fun time to teach about pealing, chopping, and patience!  blog-apple-picking-2We added 1 cup of brown sugar, a tiny bit of vanilla extract, and a table spoon of cinnamon. blog-apple-picking-3We let cook overnight, then in the morning we filled mason jars with freshly picked apply butter!


I baked some corn muffins for the kids, and to give to friends and family along with their jar of apple butter.  It was a big hit!  I found many wonderful recipes online, check them out to find which recipe fits your family the best!apple-butter-5


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