Thankful Tree

Thanksgiving Teepee & Thankful tree 009

Thanksgiving is coming!  We love to find fun things to do to get in the mood for each holiday.  Materials needed are as follows:


Silk leaves (from the craft store)



Needle and thread

Thanksgiving Teepee & Thankful tree 001

To get started we put the sticks in the jar.  I filled the jar with water to keep it from tipping.  I had each child grab a couple leaves and start writing things they were thankful for.  This includes friends and family’s names, God, school, and other things each child felt was important.  This was also a good exercise for spelling!  My youngest drew pictures of the things he was thankful for.

Thanksgiving Teepee & Thankful tree 007

We threaded a few leaves at a time, then cut the string and knotted loops.  The children hung their leaves on the tree.

Thanksgiving Teepee & Thankful tree 006

Now we have a beautiful tree centerpiece that reminds us of how many things we have to be thankful for!


The site I found the original idea from is as follows:


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