Fall Leaf Turkey

Veterans Day 2015 077These turkeys were so much fun!  Materials needed are as follows:


Scrapbook paper

Googly Eyes


One red balloon

Contact paper


The first thing we did was pick a nature trail to take a walk to collect leaves.  I love to do this.  We point out all the colors around us and look at the different kinds of trees.  I like to use these opportunities to get the kids looking around at their surroundings and the changing seasons.  Plus, we get lots of exercise!

Veterans Day 2015 014Bring bags!  There is so much to gather on these walks.  Veterans Day 2015 051Once you get home, have each child pick the paper the like, then cut one circle for the body, and one for the head.  I used scrapbook paper and stencils.  Cut some yellow beaks.  I used a red balloon and just cut little strips for the gobble.  I cut a piece of contact paper for each child to lay their leaves on then add the body and face on top.  Wait for the glue to dry!  I thought it would dry clear but I guess the lack of air makes it turn a little yellow.Veterans Day 2015 076Cut a second piece of contact paper, and lay on top.  This keeps the leaves flat, and helps them to hold their color for longer.  Have the kids cut around the entire turkey, and there you have it!  Fall leaf turkeys you can hang on the wall and enjoy for thanksgiving!

Veterans Day 2015 077I am new to blogging, and I want to make sure I give the credit to each blog I get my ideas from!  I got my base idea for this craft from craftymorning.com.


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