Homemade “Poptarts”

My kids LOVE everything homemade!  So for a nice warm breakfast, we tried homemade “poptarts”!


All you need for this is pie crust and filling.  You can buy pie crust mix, just like a box of cake mix, you can get ready made pie crust from the refrigerated/frozen isle, or you can make it from scratch.  Roll it out, cut into squares, and fill with preserves or jelly.  Lay a second square on top.  I sealed these by using a fork to crimp the edges. Bake in the oven at 350 until the pastry is a golden color.  I pour about two cups powdered sugar in a bowl, and add one teaspoon of milk at a time, till the frosting is the consistency I like, then glaze the top of the pastry.  My kids love when we get an idea and make it ourselves and these are so yummy!


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