About Growing Happy Hearts

Growing Happy Hearts is about my love of motherhood, and raising five happy boys.  I want to always be encouraging to all moms.  I love being a mother, but truly finding my way as a mom has taken me a while, and still a work in progress!  Recently, I keep hearing about how some people look at their friends perfect lives on social media, and feel bad because they believe their friends are perfect, and they themselves are not.  Personally, I only post positive things about my life on social media.  I hope that the fun things I choose to do with my kids will help other moms come up with ideas for their families!  This site is NEVER to put another mom down.  I am a stay at home mom of five, and I love it!  But I have not always been a stay at home mom.  I also used to be a working mom, and a very young mom.  I nurse all my babies, and I have given birth to three of them completely naturally.  I have also given birth to two with epidurals, and had to eventually use formula around six months for two of my sons.  Growing Happy Hearts is all about loving, teaching, and spending time with your children.  I hope to give ideas for how to enjoy every precious moment with them.  I hope at the end of my journey through motherhood of adolescent children, my sons are happy, creative, well rounded men, and I can say I did the best job I possibly could!  Growing Happy Hearts is to take my readers along with  me, in hopes to always be uplifting to every parent that takes the time to read my blog posts.  At this time in my life, I get to stay home and solely nurse my baby, so if I write a blog post about nursing and staying home, it is about what I am living right now, and how much I love it!   It is never to put down the way a mom gives birth, feeds her child, or raises them.  I hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy creating them!


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